VP Updates

VP Updates

I haven’t touched polymer clay for a while now, but I have been working on the behind the scenes of the website computery type things. I’ve left Bigcartel behind, au revoir!, and have fully adopted Etsy as the shop to sell my items. That means I’ve had to move my domain because I could never let vikingprincess.co.uk go (it’s too perfect!) , so here it is on my original blog page.

I’m going to get back into making my little trinkets, because it really is so much fun, even if no one ever buys them on the Etsy page, but at least now I have  legitimate reason to be blogging and building up a nice online portfolio. That’s the plan anyway…

Other than that I’ve been busy with my masters degree, work and other bits and bobs of writing – I’ve started some poetry (who am I?!) so everything is going steady away. I’m happy 🙂

Don’t worry I promise there will be more updates…promise.


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